Europe / Italy / Lake Garda


Current Tricktionary headquarters are located in Torbole :slight_smile: - Awesome place to live and windsurf/kite - you have to get used to it though and arrange everything perfectly for your stay to make it hassle/stress free.

Main wind directions are

  • Peler (“Vento”): North wind, starting usually from dusk around 5-6 AM until 9-10 AM, many times strong, good chop for freestyle jumping tricks!

  • Ora: South wind, starting usually at around 12-13 o’clock, blowing until 17-18 o’clock usually. Lighter than the morning-wind usually.

Main spots for freestyle:

  • for Ora: Hotel Pier (top spot for south wind freestyle!), Conca d’Oro (easiest to get to good freestyle conditions), all beaches in Torbole/Riva (freeride, lighter wind, onshore chop, rather chaotic, longer way to get to good conditions).
  • For Peler: Malcesine busparking (North wind is many times the strongest just there, good chop for jumping!), Al Pra (super spot, not easy to find parking on weekends, awesome conditions, wind only hits the spot once the sun comes down and touches the water in the morning!), Hotel Capo Reamol (only allowed to go if you are guest in the hotel), Limone (difficult to park), Torbole (flat water, rather light usually, gusty, but really flat - you’d use sails bigger than 6 or 7 in Torbole when you are on 4.5 in Malcesine for example)

Where to stay:
Torbole or Malcesine are good locations to stay and catch morning and afternoon winds. Make sure the camping or hotel has an open gate in the morning if you want to leave for a Malcesine or Al Pra session! Check AirBnb and for places to stay.

Other activities:
climbing (Arco,…), mountainbiking, hiking,…

NOTE: This is not a detailed spot guide more of the basic info for windsurfers, feel free to post more tips below!