Europe / Spain / Tarifa


Travelled there many times - mostly in autumn or spring time or throughout the winter. Awesome little town and lots of spots all around in max 20 minutes drive.

Main wind directions are

  • strong and many times a bit gusty Levante which is mostly side offshore/sideshore on the beaches around town and
  • Poniente which is coming from the Atlantic Ocean, usually lighter and sideon to onshore at most beaches.

Main spots for freestyle:

  • Levante: Balneario, Los Lances, Valdevaqueros/Punta Paloma, Bolonia
  • Poniente: Arte Vida usually good cause a bit side-on

Where to stay:
Lots of apartments in town and around, just check the standard pages like Airbnb and so on…

Other activities:
Biking, hiking, surfing, SUP, visit Morocco, visit Cadiz, Sevilla,…

NOTE: This is not a detailed spot guide more of the basic info for windsurfers, feel free to post more tips below!