FAQ: What is a coupon code and how do i activate it in the mobile/web app?


What are coupon codes?
Coupon codes can be used to activate a subscription free or paid.

How do i get a coupon code?
You may receive a code from your Tricktionary 3 book (page 9, 2 months free premium access!!), from windsurfing magazines when you see a Tricktionary advertisement, from some sort of promotion we do through our social channels (TIP: follow us on Facebook, Instagram) or other ways.

How to enter a coupon code?
Mobile app: open MENU > tap your email address to see your profile page > tap the COUPON button at the bottom and enter the code. Make sure to enter the code exactly with capital and non-capital letters.
Web App: on the top right click the MENU button > click SUBSCRIPTIONS > click the COUPON button and enter the code in the popup.