FAQ: Why do i have to pay again for the new app if i purchased all packages in the old one and restored them?



Restoring move packages from the old app in the new one will give you 6 months free full PREMIUM access for each package you purchased.

After these 6,12 or 18 months PREMIUM access expired, your access is limited to the content of the old mobile app (1 Super Slowmo video + 1 Step by step gallery with text for each move).

To regain full PREMIUM access, please consider subscribing again. You will gain access to all the full tutorial videos in HD quality, many more slow motion videos from different angles and all new features.

Inofficial TIP: Buy the subscription either in the web app www.trickgenius.com or in the Tricktionary webshop at www.tricktionary.com/webshop - so far it’s still cheaper there due to much lower payment fees (1 year for 14,90 Euros // 2 years for 24,90 Euros).

Please understand that we need a little bit of income from the app to keep maintaining and developing it, as well as create new content.

Any questions, feel free to ask!