FAQ: Why would i need Tricktionary 3 if i have Tricktionary 1 AND/OR 2?


The original, first Tricktionary is from 2006, Tricktionary 2 from 2008, Tricktionary 3 was published in 2017 after 3 years of intensive work.

Tricktionary version 3 contains all that Tricktionary 1 and 2 contain but 180 pages more (480 pages total!).

Don’t think there’s just new crazy moves in TR3, it was made for ALL LEVELS, really!

The first 262 of the 480 pages are without jumping moves.

There are now “FOCUS MOVES” which are the most important ones such as Power Jibe, Waterstart, Beachstart, Duck Jibe, Chop Hop, 360, Fast Tack, Speed Loop and a few more, which were just 2 pages in TR1 and TR2, but are now 6-10 pages in TR3. These moves now contain all the details and exercises you can think of!