"Focus Moves" in the Windsurfing Tricktionary 3 book


Focus moves are the topics we focussed on most when creating the new Tricktionary 3.
For flat water, these are basically:

  • Pivot Jibe
  • Beachstart
  • Waterstart
  • Fast Tack
  • Power Jibe
  • 360
  • Chop Hop
  • Speed Loop
  • Air Jibe
  • Flaka

While each of these topics just had a double page in Tricktionary version 1 or 2, we focused on collecting really all the possible information for those moves and show them with enough space in Tricktionary version 3. Instead of a double page we use 6-10 pages in TR3 to give you all the detail and all the extra exercises and explanations.